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Me in a nutshell

I am a quick editor who takes notes well and is easy to work with. I'll help you squeeze the maximum excitement from your raw material and enhance with the most nuanced effects.


Social Videos

Platforms: YouTube - Facebook - Instagram, and more

Most of my clients need videos cut quickly. This means making quick decisions. There are definite dos and don'ts when making videos for audiences of YouTube, Vine, Instagram, SnapChat, Virtual Reality, and other emerging platforms. I won't waste time on ideas or problems that will be totally missed by these audiences. I focus on expressing humor, honesty, and relevance. These qualities make videos social (ie, shareable)


Platforms: Vrideo - Google Cardboard - Oculus - Samsung

Virtual Reality, 360 and Mixed Reality media will have a big future. Yet, outside of gaming, education, and 'practical' applications (like engineering and surgery), the relevance of VR to advertising and storytelling is unknown. The language and strategies are currently being explored and I am enthusiastic about that exploration. Work with me to learn how to use 360 videos to get in early on this development.


Platforms: Cinema - Festivals - Vimeo

Feature movies and shorts truly have their own pace in post-production and in the actual craft of the cut. Despite my success in fast-turnaround social videos, I have not lost my sensibilities for the sublime, profound or enlightening qualities for superb storytelling. I am always working on my own artistic projects and can likewise help you achieve yours.

But enough of this reading...

I hope my work speaks for itself. Check it out here.

My work

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Tells me about your project. I can help every step of the way and adjust to your needs. My rate varies from $35-50/hr, depending on the project. I can also provide fixed prices and estimates.

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